All runners, all adventurous sporty spices, all of you are maxing it out this spring… or just you, a runner, trying something new. We invite you to join us on the first edition of #30daysofrunning.
Why? We love running and we think you do too. So why not run every day? For a month –because you’re busy and tired, we know. Runners tend to set and cross their limits. So do we. And you. So together, we’d like to explore our limits as runners: can we run every day? And if we can: how far do we run? Do we like it? When is it hard or what comes easy?
Where? Run wherever you want to. In a forest (very recommendable), the street (also nice), the treadmill (in case you need to) or your backyard (we hope it’s not too small).
What? 30 days, 30 runs. Set your own rules: if you like to run a marathon every day: do it! But when you feel 800 meters is enough: that’s fine too. It’s not about distance, speed or numbers. We measure in happiness.
When? At sunrise, at sunset, in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. We don’t mind: a run is a run at any time of day.
And then what? After your run, share it with us on the Facebook page or Instagram using #30daysofrunning. And then take a shower. Or don’t.